Career Evaluation and Option Appraisal

A typical profile of the client seeking assistance in the area of career development is that of an individual who does not have a comprehensible picture of what it is he or she wants to do in terms of changing jobs; seeking promotion or moving into a whole new field of work or discipline. They just know there is something "niggling" at them and for some the "niggling" may have been around for quite a while. For some the "trigger" is a growing awareness of the general dissatisfaction in their present job. For others it can be the difficulty of maintaining an acceptable life/ work balance, whilst for others it can be an unexpected crisis - redundancy perhaps or an unexpected family illness that pulls the trigger for them.

Following an initial discussion, a bespoke one-to-one programme is agreed and for some just one session is sufficient, whilst for others the norm is two or three sessions. In these sessions the client is helped to establish a core set of values which will help the individual determine whether they are likely to find the new position or promotion rewarding or not; or be able to work more successfully than at present.. The overall objective is one of ensuring that if the individual does make a move that he or she does not find that they are still a square peg in a round hole!

The outcome of this work will vary considerably. For some the individual obtains the clarity that enables him or her to seek and achieve the career they have always wanted, whilst for others the outcome highlights that their present career is ideal for them and that the "niggling" they had been experiencing is of a more personal and/ or family nature than work based; or that there is some other underlying need that has not been addressed.

In some cases it can be a case of the individual obtaining the clarity of what it is they want to do with their lives in career terms but they find it challenging, if not beyond their reach, to take the appropriate next step…….. and that is where hypnotherapy is most helpful.


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Career Evaluation and Option Appraisal
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