The Enneagram

The roots of the Enneagram [pronounced Any-a-gram] go back many centuries and it is an ancient and beautifully accurate description of human personality in all its diversity, and of how personality is directly linked to each person's spiritual self.

It is not a religion; it encapsulates and unites apparently different principles found in all major faiths. Psychologists of various schools have found it corresponds uncannily close to modern personality descriptions. It is simple, accurate and profound - it links, explains and puts in context disparate elements of ourselves and our fellow travellers on this planet.

The Enneagram is a most helpful instrument in assisting us to see ourselves in the mirror of our minds, especially to see the images of personality distorted perhaps by compulsions/ urges and other basic attitudes about self. In early life we learned to feel safe and to cope with our family situations and personal circumstances, by developing a strategy based on our natural talents and abilities. Whilst these may have been honed and refined over the years, there remains a significant residue in our basic personality make up.

For anyone, at any stage of his or his journey through life, the Enneagram fosters:

Deeper insight into who we are, our potential, and how to attain it;
Self-directed growth from whatever level to whatever level we wish;
More harmonious and creative daily lives;
Deeper empathy, compassion and more creative relationships, through seeing ourselves as others see us and seeing others as they see themselves rather than through our projections and beliefs;

In the 1st of two sessions the client is taken through a series of focussed questions that will result in one of the nine Enneagram personality types emerging as his or her basic type, and two other types which are described as the wings are also identified, one of which is generally stronger than the other and this influences the basic Type that has been identified. In the 2nd session the individual is taken through a document that not only describes their basic personality type in more detail but helps the individual to understand better:

their everyday concerns and those that trouble them most;
what they like about being the personality type that has been identified and what they have difficulty accepting;
the impact of their basic type on relationships, past, present and future;
the career or life style that would best suit their basic type and culminating with many practical suggestions on how the individual does not have to continue trying to "conquer" his or her personality but to befriend it, understand it and use it to help their growth.

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The Enneagram

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