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Welcome to, the Dublin based Centre for Personal and Corporate effectiveness which is dedicated to helping individuals and organisations achieve their desired goals and potential. Our expertise comes from a deep understanding of the obstacles to effectiveness in life and work. We use innovative approaches to overcome these.

Most of those obstacles are within people rather than just within systems or structures. Organisations and individuals often experience great difficulty in knowing what direction to move in or how to move on. This is the dilemma of 'two minds' - on the one hand (or mind) individuals frequently know what might be good for them to achieve and how they would like things to be different but, on the other hand (or mind), they recall well the last time they tried to seek some change and failed. This can result in tremendous frustration, indecision and even self doubt. As a consequence, organisations experience inertia and an inability to attain competitive advantage. is here to help. With a unique combination of HR and Personal Development expertise and a repertoire of counselling, coaching, mentoring and therapeutic skills available, we are able to offer highly personalised and credible support to individuals in their lives and careers or to organisations in their strategic development. incorporates International Human Resources Consultancy which is a Registered Practice of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors (IMCA)


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