"Explosion of stress cases to cost employers millions"

[ Headline in the Irish Independent, Monday 18th October, 2004 ]

Ralf Riegel in the opening remarks of this article says that the country is facing an "explosion" in stress-related related claims against employers as existing and new health and safety regulations have dramatically increased their responsibility for stress and bullying in the workplace.

It is no longer the case that only a Company or business entity can be prosecuted. Individual managers and supervisors are now likely to face criminal charges arising from serious breaches of the health and safety regulations.

There is now a direct responsibility on employers [including managers and supervisors] to pick up on danger signals from their employees. Ralf Riegel in a concluding remark highlights how, in general terms, men are more liable to bully their fellow males workers while women are liable to bully either male or female workers!

In many circumstances, employers are now advised to ensure that intervention in certain cases is done on an independent basis - whether it is an initial investigation or providing counselling for the individual(s) involved.

If the above has caught your attention, keep on reading……….


such an "explosion" is unlikely to hit your business in the coming months?

you and your management colleagues are fully aware of all the new and existing health and safety legislation that governs bullying and harassment in the workplace?

that you have policies and procedures in place to protect you and your employees?

you and your management colleagues are in a position to pick up the danger signals?

If you are answering NO to even one of these questions, then you are already exposed and at risk!

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