Building Confidence and Self Esteem

Sometimes it is simply a lack of confidence or a dip in the individual's self esteem that hinders progress in aspects of their personal life or achieving career goals. It may be a case of not being able to put their point of view across in a positive and unswerving manner. It is in such circumstances that getting a handle on our behaviour is very important. Again in a safe one-to-one environment the client is helped to identify which is their current dominant or principal style - Submissive - Aggressive or Assertive and is then facilitated in becoming more assertive in their work or personal life environment.

Mentoring is another very discreet and low profile means of facilitating an individual to build confidence and self esteem, whether it be in their place of work or in developing a hobby such as art or in publishing a book of recipes. Through the use of sensitive and compelling techniques Gerry McLarnon helps the client to become more self assured and to make progress at the right pace.

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For many people the above services are all they need to set them free, or as a client recently expressed it - "you have wisdom, you have clarity and you have respect. These things make a deep impression but above all, your work opens the cage door"

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Building Confidence and Self Esteem
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