Stress Workshops

The Stress Workshop presented on an in-house basis for companies/ organizations is generally arranged off site in a local hotel whilst the workshops that are available to individuals are held in suitable venues around the country.

The format for both is much the same and the participant is helped to see how Stress is not necessarily a work related problem. They begin to appreciate Stress can be, and often is, linked to both work and domestic/ personal life issues. The Stress associated with a long term personal life or domestic issue, such as living with an alcoholic or providing care for a family member, can suddenly erupt in the workplace as a result of a trigger that at other times would have no effect. Equally an unresolved work related Stress issue can erupt in the home or personal life with devastating consequences.

A typical workshop will cover the following topics:

What is Stress?
Why should one person experience Stress more than another?
Is there a difference between Stress and Pressure?
The link between Pressure and Performance.
How to recognise the signs and symptoms of Stress.
The emotional aspects of Stress
How our personality own behaviour can contribute to Stress
What you can do to manage Stress in your Personal Life; Hints, techniques, solutions

In the in-house setting and particularly for the benefit of line managers, there is an additional emphasis on Stress in the workplace - what gives rise to it; its impact and the consequences of ignoring it, and how to create a reasonably stress free environment..

This workshop can be presented on a stand-alone basis or combined with a Developing your Assertiveness Skills workshop.

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Stress Workshops

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