• Career Direction

Having spent much of his career between 1993-2002 working in athletics, earning a world ranking as a USA player on the professional tennis circuit and later serving as the men's tennis coach at Santa Clara University where he produced eight winning seasons in nine years, Sean Burns came to Ireland and successfully completed his MBA at Trinity College.

Following his return to the US, Sean established his own professional coaching and speaking business in Nevada and from where he also runs a real estate investment firm.

When I met Gerry.... I was at a confusing crossroad: I had left a successful career in athletics and wanted to move into "the business world." The business world, however, is a pretty broad arena…I had no idea what was next. Spending time with Gerry was invaluable. He helped me gain clarity on what my strengths were and how I could use those in my next career. People say, "Don't worry about the past or the future; focus on today." That is a wonderful message, but hard for many of us to do. Gerry gave me the tools to do just that: to focus on what I have to do now to achieve my dreams."

  • Sports Achievement

"Many thanks Gerry for helping me achieve my goals and beyond them, especially in terms of making my dream of world champion in kick-boxing come true and for helping me to realize my true potential in life. You truly are an inspiration".

Robbie Haugh, Dublin 15, Kickboxing World Champion



  • Mentoring

Thanks Gerry for all your recent help. You have three great attributes Gerry; you have wisdom, you have clarity and you have respect. These things make a deep impression but above all, your work opens the cage door"

S.C, Dublin 4

  • Stress Management

"I am really grateful Gerry for the very good advice you gave me this year and I am glad to say that the effects are still in place. I am taking time out to relax and find the affirmations very useful."

C.J., Dublin 15

  • Hypnotherapy - Fear of flying

"Many thanks for all your hard work in helping me overcome my fear of flying in just one session. I can now hop on a plane in the same way as I hop on a bus - you have set me free"

C.W. Dublin 7

  • Smoking cessation

"Happy Christmas, I just thought I would let you know that I am 181 days off cigarettes and after just one session with you. Many thanks.

Tony, Dublin 15

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